Thong Grabbin'

It should be noted that Thong Grabbin' can be performed indoors or outdoors using any obstacle as a launching pad to be able to perform higher, harder and more dangerous grabs or tricks.

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muteboy, 8. November 2005 14:59:07 MEZ

Thong Grabbin'

Hey, nice of you to have a few pictures of us Thong Grabbin' on your site.

Keep it up!

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Mama, 8. November 2005 18:02:45 MEZ

Sure, good sports need publicity. Hey, there is a major mistake in that list:

Someone claims Thong Grabbin' to be a fictional sport, but as you do it, it is no longer fictional, right?

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muteboy, 22. November 2005 15:13:04 MEZ

Good point.

It certainly isn't fictional!

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